Glan Polarizing Prisms

Glan Polarizing Prisms

The prisms are made of calcite which is practically striae- and bubble-free. The light gets polarized by total internal reflection of the beam with ordinary polarization at the boundary to the air gap between the two prisms.

The Glan polarizers can be ordered with side exit windows as an option. In version without side windows the reflected beam gets absorbed at the blackened side surfaces of the prism. Therefore, this version is not suited for elevated light intensities. The version with side windows allows the reflected beam to exit at an angle of approx. 72° with respect to the incident beam. The beam direction of the reflected beam shows chromatic dispersion.

By default, the prisms are delivered in a cylindrical mount and without antireflection coating.

We offer several options for increased specifications on selected parameters (s. table below). It is possible to combine multiple options

Optical specifications

version standard Interferometer UV High power High extinction
spectral range 350-2700 nm
250-2700 nm

extinction ratio 10-6

wavefront distortion in T (R) <λ/2 (<2λ) <λ/10 (<2λ)

prismatic deviation <2'

air gap 0,07 mm

cut angle ca. 39°

field of view ±4°

damage threshold (10ns, 1064 nm) not specified


Optical specifications

10 mm 12 mm 15 mm 20 mm
Article-No. ohne Seitenfenster
PGL 10 PGL 12 PGL 15 PGL 20
Article-No. with Seitenfenster
PGL 10.2 PGL 12.2 PGL 15.2 PGL 20.2
free aperture [mm] 9,5 11,5 14,5 19,5
mount diameter [mm] 25 25 25 36
mount length ohne Seitenfenstern [mm] 22 30 30 30
mount length with zwei Seitenfenstern [mm] 30,5 35,7 42 50

Preise Version ohne Seitenfenster

Art.-No. 1 piece in € 2-5 pieces in € 6-10 pieces in €
PGL 10 1011,- 983,- 963,-
PGL 12 1267,- 1231,- 1206,-
PGL 15 1534,- 1490,- 1461,-
PGL 20 2748,- 2670,- 2571,-

Preise Version mit zwei Seitenfenster

Art.-No. 1 piece in € 2-5 pieces in € 6-10 pieces in €
PGL 10.2 1380,- 1341,- 1314,-
PGL 12.2 1636,- 1589,- 1557,-
PGL 15.2 1920,- 1865,- 1828,-
PGL 20.2 3190,- 3098,- 2984,-

Price custom version

Interferometerqualität Art. No. PGL I
wavefront distortion <l/10 in Transmission(<2l in Reflexion) Aufpreis 30 %

UV quality Art. No.: PGL UV
Nutzbarer spectral range 250-2700 nm Aufpreis 20 %

version for hohe Leistung Art. No. PGL HP
Besonthes streuarme materialqualität und defektarme Oberflächen,damage threshold >300 MW/cm² (10 ns Impulse bei 1064 nm) nur erhältlich with zwei Seitenfenstern Aufpreis 30 %

extinction ratio <10-7 Art. No.: PGL 0.7

Aufpreis 15 %

AR-Coating auf Anfrage

Dispersionsfreie Seitenfenster auf Anfrage

Usable aperture angles

The usable aperture angle of Glan polarizers is limited by the critical angles of the total internal reflection The angle of incidence must be kept in range to achieve total internal reflection of the ordinary beam while the extraordinary beam still passes through. The diagram shows the spectral variation of the angles of incidence on the entrance surface at which the critical angles are reached.

The values are valid for the standard cut angle of 39°. For this angle the field of view is symmetrical at λ=400 nm (|ae|=|ao|). Other cut angles are available on request.

Usable aperture angles