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Spatial Filter

Spatial Filter

Spatial filters are used to remove higher order transverse modes and other spatial distortions from the profile of laser beams. This is achieved by focusing the beam and placing a pinhole at the beam waist which transmits only the desired mode while distortions are blocked and filtered out.

Our spatial filter consists of two parts: the focusing part with the mount for the objective and the pinhole adjustment part. The two parts are connected by a groove and four clamping screws and can also be ordered individually. This construction allows for a quick, precise and stable adjustment of the focus and pinhole position.

The microscope objective and the pinhole are not included in the delivery and must be ordered separately. The spatial filter is compatible with any microscope objective with standard RMS mount and a working distance larger than 0,2 mm.



MRF 56
outer diameter [mm] 56
Length [mm] 93,5
objective thread
W0.8x36TPI (RMS)
post mount Ø [mm] 14
pinhole mount Ø [mm] 25


order no. 1 piece in € 2 piece in € 3-5 piece in €
MRF 56 890.- 791.- 722.-