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We offer a choice of special optical systems reaching from single lenses over achromatic doublets for high-power and fs-lasers up to apochromats and camera objectives for the deep UV range. All lenses can be supplied with antireflection coating on request. We can customize the holders and mechanical interface of our lenses to meet your specifications.

In addition to our catalog program we offer the design and manufacturing of custom objectives and optical systems is small and larger quantities. Optical systems can be developed for a variety of applications, e.g. for imaging, collimation and focusing at wavelengths from the range of 190 nm to 10µm.

Custom lens systems

We would gladly discuss your needs and assist you on the use and specification of special optics with no obligation to your part. The first step is an informal estimation in which we take a look at the feasibility and anticipated costs of the required system.

According to the outcome of these initial discussions, we can then quote for a detailed technical study. The goal of this design study is to determine whether the objective can actually be produced and which effort is required.

Based on the results of the design study we will provide a quotation for the realization including the obtainable optical properties of the optical system as well as the final price.

Previously manufactured custom lens systems

  • Combinations of lenses and mirrors for laser beam expansion with or without spatial filters for all wavelengths.
  • Objectives for use in high vacuum environments with very low outgassing rates.
  • Imaging objectives for the UV (e.g. 200-400 nm) or for the IR (e.g. 800-2500 nm).
  • Combinations of imaging optics with prisms, plates, filters or polarizers, e.g. for spectroscopic applications.