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Polychromatic Objectives for UV, VIS and IR

Polychromatic Objectives for UV, VIS and IR

The lenses are completely made of synthetic fused silica. This makes them particularly suited for the focusing of high-power laser beams. The field of view is comparatively large. For this reason it is possible to employ them in monochromatic imaging applications. The microscopic object fields for imaging applications can be chosen up to about 1/3 of the focal length without much degradation of image quality. In this case the the free aperture has to be reduced as described in the specification table below.

These objectives are not achromatic and require refocusing for each wavelength. However the optical design provides good performance at all wavelengths from below 200 nm up to over 1000 nm. They are diffraction limited at wavelengths above 200 nm (OML 8.3.05) resp. 240 nm (OML 8.3.10).

The lenses are delivery without antireflection coating. On request we can also provide datasheets and black box files for optical design software.


Art. No., OML 8.3.05 OML 8.3.10
focal length 5 mm 10 mm
material fused silica fused silica
spectral range 180-2500 nm 180-2500 nm
free aperture (imaging / max) 1,7 mm / 2,5 mm 3,4 mm / 5,0 mm
numerical aperture on focus side (imaging / max) 0,16 / 0,25 0,16 / 0,25
aperture ratio (imaging / max) 1:3 / 1:2 1:3 / 1:2
connection thread RMS RMS


order no. 1 piece in € 2-5 piece in € 6-10 piece in €
OML 8.3.05 1214.- 1092.- 1033.-
OML 8.3.10 1214.- 1092.- 1033.-