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Holder for Best form lenses

Holder for Best form lenses

For the Best form lenses with diameters of 25 mm and 40 mm holders are available. For the smaller lenses adapter plates (25 mm outer diameter) are available which enable the mounting of the smaller lenses in the 25 mm holders. The lenses are held by means of a threaded ring and an elastic O ring.

Adapter plates

The adapter plates allow for integration of lenses with diameters smaller then 25 mm to the holders MFL 25. The adapter are provided as a set of two plates.

Specifications holder

25 mm 40 mm
MFL 025 MFL 040
free aperture [mm] 22 37
outer diameter [mm] 35 70
Length [mm] 16 23
thread for post mount
M4 M4, M6, M8

Prices holder

order no. 1 piece in € 2-5 piece in € 6-10 piece in €
MFL 025 87.- 80.- 77.-
MFL 040 130.- 119.- 114.-